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What You Need to Know About Accessibility Inspection


Accessibility inspection is an essential part of the business inspection that ensures that the business meets the standards for accessibility. It examines all aspects of a company to ensure that it meets the requirements for access by people with disabilities. This includes ensuring all entrances, exits, hallways, parking spaces, bathrooms, and other areas are accessible and safe for people with disabilities. Accessibility inspection also includes ensuring that any equipment or furniture in the business is appropriately installed and functioning. By conducting an accessibility inspection, we can help ensure everyone can access and enjoy our buildings safely and comfortably and protect your business from an ADA lawsuit.

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What is accessibility inspection?

Accessibility inspection evaluates a building or product to ensure people with disabilities can use it. This includes assessing physical barriers, such as stairs or narrow doorways. The goal of accessibility inspection is to identify and remove barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing and using the same spaces and resources as everyone else.

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Who benefits from accessibility inspection?

Accessibility inspection benefits everyone, not just people with disabilities. When buildings and products are designed and evaluated with accessibility, they become more user-friendly. For example, a ramp installed for wheelchair users also benefits parents with strollers, people with mobility issues, and anyone carrying heavy items. By prioritizing accessibility, we create a more inclusive and equitable society for everyone. Not only are you sending a message to the almost 30% of Americans with disabilities, but also their families, friends, and many more. Getting your accessibility inspection also gives you the peace of mind your facility is ADA compliant and protected against potential costly lawsuits.

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Who should perform accessibility inspections?

Accessibility inspections should be performed by professionals trained and knowledgeable in accessibility standards and guidelines. While engineers, architects, and construction directors often have training experience on accessibility, getting the help of a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) is your best option to guarantee accessibility. It's crucial to ensure that the inspector is familiar with the relevant accessibility laws and regulations and has valid certifications and experience.

Get your business ADA Compliant
Our CASp associates, or Certified Access Specialists are all licensed and insured inspectors. They have handled thousands of businesses and you can rest assured your business will be safe from an ADA lawsuit. California Consulting & Inspection Services was started by Hani Youssef, an experienced CASp with significant expertise in inspections, monitoring, compliance, and quality control on numerous projects totaling $1.47 billion. His diverse skill set and supervision experience in all phases of construction projects including a proven record of managing work flow, labor, staff, communications, materials, inspections, and quality control ensures that projects are completed on schedule and within budget to the referenced standards. Contact us for a consultation today.

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