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Get in touch with us to get an estimate for your next project or for your existing businesses. We cover all stages of ADA compliance from plan review to completion and in virtually every industry, get in touch and get the help of our Certified Access Specialists.

What Is ADA?

What is ADA? ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act, set forth by President George H. W. Bush in 1990. This act requires all businesses to adhere to the accessibility standards defined by the act. Making your business accessible for those with disabilities may sound simple, but businesses that do not hire professional CASp inspectors find themselves in the middle of a costly ADA lawsuits. Something as simple as the amount of accessible spaces in your parking lot, or the position of your signs could be the difference between being compliant and a lawsuit. Don’t risk an ADA lawsuit and get the help of a professional CASp inspector and get your Business peace of mind.
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California Consulting & Inspection Services was started by Hani Youssef, an experienced CASp with significant expertise in inspections, monitoring, compliance, and quality control on numerous projects totaling $1.47 billion...

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